THC Capsules

THC Capsules

What Are THC Pills?

Simply, THC pills are gel caps or capsules that contain some form of THC. These formulations can vary depending on the producer and specific use of the pill. For example, some THC pills contain high levels of CBD, whereas others may contain high levels of terpenes.

Types of THC Pills

There are 3 main types of THC pills.

  1. THC Oil Capsules – THC oil capsules have an oily, liquid distillate inside them. They are typically in the form of clear gelcaps that show a golden liquid inside. They come in concentrations that range from 5 to 25mg THC. This precise dosing allows you to get the same amount every time.
  2. Decarboxylated Flower Capsules – Flower must be heated to activate cannabinoids, transforming THCA into THC. These capsules contain just that – decarboxylated flower.
  3. Crystalline THC Capsules – Crystalline THC is a powdered substance that looks like table salt. Crystalline THC is a white powder that resembles table salt. Crystalline THC is made up entirely of THC, leaving out all plant matter, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids in the process.

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Why Choose THC Pills?

THC pills are perfect for people who:

  • Want a consistent dose
  • Take their THC on the go
  • Prefer discreet consumption
  • Don’t enjoy smoking or vaping


How to Take THC Pills

THC pills can be taken like any other pill or supplement. If it is your first time taking them, start with one. Most experts recommend starting with 5 to 10mg. Many people choose to take THC pills on an empty stomach because they find that THC pills work faster for them that way. However, you can also take them with food. Expect an onset that is about 30 minutes slower when taking THC pills with food. Like other edibles, THC pills can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours to take effect. Do not take more for at least two hours; your body may just have not metabolized what you’ve consumed yet.

Everybody’s body processes THC differently. You and someone else you know may have distinctly different reactions. Take time to learn your own tolerance and preferences.

THC Pills vs Edibles

THC pills are metabolized just like other edibles. However, they have distinct advantages for many people.

  • If you take THC pills medicinally, it is easier to transport a bottle of capsules than bags of gummy candies that might be damaged by high temperatures.
  • THC pills allow for precise dosing without having to consume sweets or beverages.
  • Depending on the THC pills you choose, you may also find that THC pills are more economical than other THC edible options.

How Long Do THC Pills Last?

In your body…

Everyone’s body metabolizes cannabinoids differently. In general, the effects of THC edibles including pills tend to last for several hours.

On the shelf…

They can remain potent and effective for a year or more when stored properly. Ensure that your pills are stored in an air-tight container. Keep them away from both heat and light, as both can cause damage.

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If you like the way that other edibles work for you, you will probably enjoy THC pills, as well. As with any new-to-you cannabis product, start carefully and assess your own reaction to get the best experience. By understanding your body and the products you choose, you can get the beneficial effects you want through this convenient administration form.


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