Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Usually, mushrooms need very specific conditions to grow and flourish. But with our Mushroom Kits, we’ve done the hard yards for you so you get to do all the fun bits – the fruiting, harvesting, and, most importantly, the eating!

We provide all the TLC they want and need so we can send them off into the big wide world ready to produce fresh gourmet mushrooms for you in just a few weeks (they grow up so fast, don’t they *tear*).

The mushroom supplies included with the Mushroom Kit are:

  • a spray bottle for misting your mushroom kit with water
  • a step-by-step instruction card
  • a recipe card so you can cook up a tasty mushroom dish

With these, you have everything you need to start your Mushroom Kit and grow a bountiful harvest. Depending on your preferences and climate, you can purchase a Gold Oyster, White Oyster, Pink Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Blue Oyster or Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grow Kit.

Get growing!

Watch this video to learn how to set up and mist your Grow Kit, harvest your mushrooms, and do it all again for a second flush!

Getting started is simple, just pop out the recipe card and cut an ‘X’ into the bag. Mist with water a couple of times a day and soon your mushrooms will magically start to appear (note: feels like magic, is actually science). Harvest soon after and enjoy!

Our happy growers promise

We promise to get your fungi flourishing! We hand-on-heart believe everyone can grow their own mushrooms and we’re here to help with expert advice and know-how.

So don’t be shy, please get in touch with all your curly questions and we’ll get you growing mushrooms in no time!

Our values

Supporting local

We’re a small (but mighty) independent business and team committed to working with local suppliers as much as we can!


Growing gourmet mushrooms is gentle on Mother Earth. We use organic, biodynamic, and non-GMO s


We cherish our people – our amazing team, the people we partner with and most importantly, you, our happy mushroom growers! Without you, we wouldn’t exist, so we’re always keen to hear your questions, thoughts, and feedback.


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