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Lowell Herb Co is a California-based cannabis brand owned by Lowell Farms that sells packs of pre-rolled joints in varying blends, including seasonal crops.[citation needed]

In 2020, California cannabis company Indus Holdings, Inc. acquired the Lowell portfolio, subsequently rebranding itself as Lowell Farms. The company now produces a number of brands, including Lowell Herb Co., Cypress Cannabis, MOON, and Kaizen Medicinals, for licensed retailers throughout the state.[citation needed]

Lowell Farms[edit]


The company claims the farm was originally established in 1909 by William “Bull” Lowell[3][4] and was closed by Henry J. Finger in California in 1913.[5] However, a 2018 profile in The New Yorker makes it clear that Lowell is a fictional character and that the company was actually established in 2017, “shortly after Proposition 64 reversed California’s marijuana prohibition.”[6]



Lowell Herb Co. debuted a “weed bouquet” in February 2017 as a Valentine’s Day offering, which was available for delivery in the Los Angeles area. The company expanded the offering after its initial popularity.[7][8] The bouquet is made with an ounce of Purple Princess accented with wildflowers and eucalyptus.[9]

In June 2018, Lowell began hiring pardoned non-violent, marijuana-related offenders for package design, sales, marketing, distribution, shipping, and customer service positions.[10] The company asserted that many job applicants in the United States are removed from consideration for having misdemeanor or felony cannabis offenses.[11] After the city of West Hollywood approved lounges and eateries for cannabis consumption, the company announced that a rooftop restaurant known as Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe would open in 2019.[12] The cafe opened on October 1, 2019, becoming the first business to secure a fully legal (at the state and local levels, marijuana still being classified as a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970) cannabis consumption license in the United States.[13]

In April 2021, Lowell Herb Co. announced a licensing agreement with Ascend Wellness Holdings that would bring Lowell pre-roll products to Illinois and Massachusetts.[14]


In 2019, Lowell collaborated with CJ Wallace, the son of rapper The Notorious B.I.G., and Think BIG to release The Frank White Creative Blend. The pre-roll pack was inspired by Biggie’s “Frank White” alter-ego and uses a custom blend of Orange Sherbet, Banjo, and Rattlesnake Sour Diesel.[15] Other investors include Miley Cyrus, Sarah Silverman, Mark Ronson, and Chris Rock.[16]


In March 2017, the company released a weed flower crown aimed at Coachella participants. The crown featured Lowell’s “Coachella Blend” cannabis and is available only to customers preordering the “Coachella pack” through Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary.[17][18] After receiving a cease-and-desist letter from AEG Presents, the parent company of the music festival, concerning the use of the name Coachella, Lowell changed the name of its Coachella products to “NotChilla”.[19][20]

Lowell introduced a “cannabis bouquet” including stemmed cannabis as well as an Eight Nights of Chanukah pack of different cannabis strains per night during the winter of 2018.[21][22]

LOWELL 35’S On Sept. 29th, 2022 Lowell began sales of the Lowell 35’s.[23] Initially only available at a limited amount of dispensaries throughout California. Since launch, they have become available at more dispensaries. Lowell 35’s launched in three packs Trailblazer, Mind Safari, and Stargazer. Information from the site: Lowell 35’s offer unparalleled quality and exceptional smokeability.

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