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Canndescent’s reputation for premium cannabis is centered in their organic farming and selective breeding. They believe in proprietary genetics and gloved hands in every stage of production. Whatever they’re doing, it works. Their flower is some of the most effective in the market when it comes to delivering a specific and purposeful high.



Canndescent’s Calm Pre-Roll is the key to an afternoon nap. It’s stuffed with whole flower indica and an earthy flavor. If you’re a fan of the Calm flower, pick up one of these when you’re not in the mood to roll your own. It’s potent and typically soothed. The best way to end this end is with some rest right before the munchies hit.

The Proper Report

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Calm Pre-Roll Product Information

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Cannabinoids : 26% THC, 0.05% CBD

Filter Type; Crutch

Side Effects-

Lineage; Unknown

Terpenes Profile-

Grow Environment-

Package Contents/Qty; One 1g joint


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