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Durban Poison

Durban Poison, is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain named after the South African port city that it originated in. Durban poison is an award-winning Sativa strain that’s highly prized for its unique citrus flavor with a bit of spicy hashish. Since the 1970s, this marijuana has been on sale. It has an earthy smell, with notes of spicy citrus and peppermint on top of its classic “dank” aroma. The smoke tastes sweetly herbal when exhaled through the mouth; this flavor profile can be described as both piney and peppery at times!

Durban Poison is a popular variety because people love to taste their weed while smoking out of glass or ceramic pipes or bubblers (water pipe). You will find yourself getting creative. It currently stands as one of our bestsellers thanks to its strong flavors and ability to leave users feeling energized rather than sedated or tired – perfect if you want something more productive from your high!

To use Durban Poison, you should keep in mind that it is a very strong strain. The effects will last for many hours and maybe even longer depending on the individual’s tolerance level. It causes euphoria which can lead to laziness or lack of motivation so do not plan any work while under the influence!

Durban Poison is not a laboratory creation of an unintended conjugation. Rather, this strain’s progenitor grew freely on the windswept plains of contemporary South Africa, making it essentially an heirloom marijuana variety.

Certainly, Durban Poison demonstrates that marijuana does not need extensive complexity of genetic cross-breeding to produce ethereal effects; if you’re ever fortunate enough to smoke a genuine-to-type landrace Durban, you’ll understand that the strain delivers one of man’s most pleasant – and therapeutic – highs.

Durban Poison is a classic, legendary classic in a nutshell. With only a few other strains retaining their genetic line throughout the ages, it may be called an ancient marijuana strain.


The History, Origin, and Genetics of Durban Poison

The Durban Poison has a very stimulating and creative effect, leaving users euphoric. It originates from South Africa where it was discovered by an avid marijuana enthusiast in the 1970s during experiments on different strains of weed. This pure Sativa strain is known for its clean yet energetic high with sparkles taking place in your imagination when using this particular cannabis product.

The Durban Poison grew stronger with the help of its rich terpenoids and cannabinoids. These nutrients can defeat pests, weeds, diseases, basically whatever comes their way! The South African sun is scorchingly hot making it an ideal growing environment for this strain of cannabis Sativa plant.

This particular strain came from an environment under South Africa’s scorching heat where there exists great biodiversity so that the Durbin Poison can be strong against infestations to obtain a powerful ally- humans as well as other plants such as pests or weed which try to suck up all its organic resources by equipping itself with highly rich cannabinoid, terpenoid & important nutrient. It will utilize these power sources in strengthening itself and make this strain of weed the ultimate winner.

Durban Poison is not only known for its powerful effects but also how it has increased focus, making tasks easier to accomplish while still enjoying the high. This energetic Sativa dominant marijuana gives you motivation and clarity of mind that keeps you focused which makes your brain more active than ever. With Durban Poison you won’t get mouth-breathing or lack of attention like other strains. This cannabis product will bring up your mood even further making it ideal for people with depression!

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

Flavor: Durban Poison has an impressive variety of flavors with names like spicy, sweet, vanilla, and cream. You’ll experience tastes similar to tea when you smoke it including fennel, orange spice, and lemon notes all tied together in a rich creamy blend that can’t be beat.

Aroma: Durban Poison is ideal for people who want to escape from the world. Its pleasant, fruity aroma brings you into a profound state of relaxation and euphoria without causing any negative effects throughout the course of its usage.

Durban is the perfect place to be if you want a genuine, natural feeling. The beauty of nature can truly be experienced here in its purest form. Durban Poison doesn’t have any artificial smells; it’s just mother nature at her best!

Durban Poison has a typical dank aroma complemented by notes of sweet licorice. The flowers give off pungent skunky smells while being burnt which produce thick lung expanding smoke.

Appearance: Expect large, plump, spherical chunky buds covered in resin glands that make Durban Poison one of the best concentrate choices. These dense nugs are covered in trichomes which will stick to everything because there are just too many of them on the plants themselves.

Durban Poison’s buds are medium to large in size. Their long and tapered form is more representative of Sativas, despite their dense, compact build characteristic of Indica strains. The brilliant orange pistils collect pollen from male fertilizing plants, and the green leaves are set off by vivid orange stigmas. A delicate sheen and a sticky touch that can be felt when stroked or broken apart with your hands

A healthy Durban Poison plant is quite a sight. The sugar-coated leaves have an icy look thanks to the brilliant green buds and orange pistils, but when contrasted with its deep emerald color, it becomes stunningly lovely.

Side effects of the Durban Poison marijuana strain

The Durban Poison Marijuana Strain’s side effects are minor. The strain is a Sativa-dominant variety with about 90% THC, in contrast to the typical 10%-15%.

It has been described as having an initial uplifting cerebral high followed by a relaxing body stone and it should be noted that there can sometimes be panic attacks associated with this marijuana product.

Users report feeling euphoric and happy while experiencing color enhancement, music appreciation, increased focus/awareness (if attention isn’t given elsewhere), sense of relief from stress such as anxiety issues, etc., enhanced sensory awareness & perception – smell taste touch sound vision; greater ease for introspection resulting in plenty of laughter.

Durban Poison also affects appetite and many use it to stimulate their hunger. It’s been said that this strain has a very high THC count, but this is often subjective as the effects vary from person to person.

The Durban Poison strain is a great option for those looking to medicate without experiencing any risks. With no negative aspects, the only issue you might have with this weed would be if it makes you feel anxious or paranoid due to its high THC content.


Durban Poison’s Medical Benefits

Durban Poison is often under 1% CBD content. This makes it ideal for treating serious medical conditions (although not seizures) because of its high THC content, which will calm the user down and help them with stress, depression, or anxiety. Durban Poison is a high-quality strain of cannabis that has been used to treat everything from depression and anxiety to migraines and epilepsy.

More recently however Durban poison’s medical benefits have come into question as several studies have shown it can help treat certain forms of cancer by slowing tumor growth or preventing the spread of tumor cells throughout the body via inducing apoptosis meaning cell death within tumors rather than allowing them to grow uncontrollably.

By using purified extracts from specific cannabinoids found within Durban poison relief for many cancers such as breast, skin melanoma, etc., could potentially help prolong lives by providing treatment options that are more effective with fewer side effects compared to conventional methods.

Durban Poison is a stress-free marijuana strain that provides focus without the drawbacks of traditional stimulant therapy, making it ideal for situations such as ADHD and ADD.

Durban Poison is a great strain to help treat patients with mood disorders and depression. Patients will feel an instant rush of euphoria that allows them to see past their sad thoughts, allowing them not to ‘wallow’ in their unending miseries any longer. The strain also has anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce inflammation both on the brain as well as body–an important cause for depressive/manic episodes.

Patients suffering from mood disorders or extreme cases of sadness called major depressive disorder (MDD) often resort to going through periods where they do things like binge eat, drink excessively, or even indulge themselves in drug abuse such as cannabis products including Durban Poison.

Durban Poison has been used to relieve nausea caused by cyclical vomiting syndrome and persistent nausea from dysautonomia. Many patients who suffer various forms of dysautonomia experience constant nausea. Durban poison can be smoked as a smokable form which helps relieve the patient’s nauseous feeling without gulping them down, making it easier for a patient struggling with malnutrition or anorexia nervosa to eat more frequently.

Durban Poison’s medical benefits are endless. This strain is hailed for its pain-relieving properties, which also makes it a favorite among cancer patients and those with chronic pains or injuries that won’t heal over time. Some users even claim this potent Sativa has helped them get through the day when they would typically succumb to fatigue during their daily routines; perhaps one of Durban’s most beneficial effects (and arguably its greatest appeal) is how much energy comes from consuming just a few hits—no noticeable physical high necessary!


What are its effects and how does it compare to other strains

Durban poison is known to be one of the most potent strains with an output that tends towards the extreme. Its strong effects are accompanied by a very psychedelic high which can leave you feeling hazy and disoriented for hours after use, although some users claim this isn’t always the case if prepared correctly!

Compared to other strains, Durban Poison has less of an effect on the body and leaves users feeling mentally stimulated rather than physically sedated. Durban poisons effects are different from other strains because it is a Sativa dominant plant which means that its high comes from the THC chemical in marijuana and not CBD. Durban poison has been known to give an uplifting, energizing effect when compared to other types of cannabis.

Durban poisons are well-known as one of the most potent kinds out there. They have high levels of THC as well as low CBD content which means they provide more psychoactive side effects compared to others. In comparison, this makes them perfect if you want something with minimal physical impact but strong mental stimulation instead!


Durban Poison Strain: Final Thoughts

We hope you found this Durban Poison review informative and enjoyable, and that it has positively impacted your decision-making process. Authentic Durban is truly one of the world’s great landraces, but it can be tough for dispensaries to obtain 100% pure heirloom types.

It is impossible to discover Durban Poison for sale at any of the more renowned west coast dispensaries that have not been tampered with or modified.

However, strains like DP do exist, and we hope that our Durban Poison review will help you to discover a genuine type of your own. We promise you will have an experience, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before!

Durban Poison

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