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Lowell Herb Co Sativa Pre Rolls


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Most popular preroll contains only the finest organic cannabis. Get vapes, smokes, and oils delivered from 350 store locations to your home address.

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Lowell Herb Co Sativa Pre Rolls

Lowell Herb Co Sativa Pre Rolls Cannabis is meant to be enjoyed, shared. Our greenhouse grown and pesticide free cannabis flowers are contained in food-grade glass to keep things as pure as nature intended.

Co Sativa Pre Rolls

At Lowell Farms, we’re not just obsessed with cannabis. Rather, we’re obsessed with where cannabis can take you. That’s what drives everything we do. With a pack of Smokes in your pocket, you’re free to focus on where you want to go. It holds the promise of building bridges between people, blazing new trails and sparking imagination.

It’s hard work to cultivate cannabis that’s this special and easy to enjoy. But we proudly do it the hard way, because we believe you can see, smell, taste and feel the difference – that’s the Farmer’s Way. So go ahead and enjoy, because nothing smokes like a Lowell.

Shop limited edition Lowell exclusives that can only be purchased directly from the source.


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The Rapturous Sativa Quicks, The Lucid Sativa Pack, The Astounding Sativa Pack, The Invigorating Sativa Pack, The Fierce Sativa Pack


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